Developing Plot

Daily Prompt #23Story Title Ideas

Using the title generator above, write a piece of flash fiction for the title generated.

Write for five minutes.

Today, you’re going to start work on your fiction pieces.

To help you generate ideas, you’re going to work in groups and complete the following on white boards (be prepared to share with the class). The ideas shared are free game for anyone in the class to use. More than one person can use the same idea. 🙂

Generate ONE idea for a short story with the following information:

  • Potential Title
  • Plot (use the half sheet plot chart provided to help you)
  • List of characters
  • List of settings (including all years and times)
  • Main theme
  • Genre (the one it most fits under)

After sharing, use the remainder of the class to write and fill out the blank plot chart provided for your own fiction story (use the basic chart for writing a short short and the hero’s journey chart for novel excerpts).

Happy writing!


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