A Farewell to Creative Writing


I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know you through your writing this semester. You have proven to be a talented, eclectic bunch.  I hope some of you consider taking Advanced Creative Writing so you can continue to improve your writing skills and add to your blog!

Before you leave, there are three more tasks for you to complete:

  1. Create your final post for this class. Select one of the two following options:
    *Let your readers know this will be your last post on this blog as the class is ending. Add any other ‘flair’ to the post that you’d like and thank them for their feedback.*Let your readers know that while this is your last post for the class, you plan to continue posting on this blog. You might let them know what to expect from you in the future. Add any other ‘flair’ to the post that you’d like.
  2. Read our literary journal, Et cetera, and post an encouraging comment on at least ten of your peers’ blogs.
  3. Take our class survey.

I hope you all continue writing your entire life. It can be an invaluable asset!