Flash Fiction: Day Four

Daily Prompt #16: Inspired by an Image

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Write for ten minutes on what the story is behind this picture.

Today is our last day working directly with flash fiction. We’re going to consolidate these strategies and use each other’s writing for inspiration.

Step One: write a six-word story OR two-sentence story (your choice) on an index card. Include your name. Include your name.

Step Two: turn your index card in to me.


Step Three: I will redistribute the cards so everyone gets a new one. Read it, then write a 50-word story inspired by it in your notebook first.

Step Four: once you are happy with the draft in your notebook, transfer it to the back of the index card. Include your name.

Step Five: turn in the index card so you can return it .


Step Six: Now let’s pass them around the room and silently read them. If you come across one you really like, feel free to take a picture of it or write it down. Don’t forget to write down the name of the person who wrote it!