NaPoWriMo Begins!

Daily Prompt #24: What is poetry?

What do you think about when you hear the word poetry? Explore all your feelings and experiences about it.

Take five minutes.

For the month of April, you are all going to participate in National Poetry Writing Month. That’s right! You’ll be writing one poem every day.

Posting on your blog daily will be optional; if you do decide to take on the challenge, you will receive a prize for your efforts.

Everyone will be creating a book of poems. This should be separate from your writer’s notebook. Your notebook will still be your place to respond to daily prompts and draft ideas for poems, but your book of poems will be your final drafts. You will be writing a poem a day and putting one poem on each page. You’ll get some time in class today to make these (or you can choose to make it at home if you like). Feel free to be as artistic as you like! I will be collecting these poem books at the end of the month for a large grade, so it’s important you stay on top of writing your poems.

Today’s poem is an easy one: an ACROSTIC poem. This will server as the cover of your poem. You can make the title your name, your pen name, or any other title you like.

You should also post on your blog today (this will be post #7). Let your readers know you are participating in NaPoWriMo and if you plan to post daily on your blog or if you plan to take a blog hiatus and hand write your poems in your poem book. Also share your thoughts and feelings about this 30-day challenge!

To recap, here are today’s tasks:

1) Post on your blog about NaPoWriMo. If you plan to post daily poems on your blog, post your Acrostic poem too!

2) Create a poem book (number the blank pages 1-30 to help you easily keep track if you miss a day).

3) Create an Acrostic poem for the book’s cover.