DAY #2: Free Verse Poetry

DP #25: Poem of the Day

Read the poem of the day thoughtfully. Then, write a response to it. Your response can be an explanation of what it means, a focus on a particular line you like, or it could be the inspiration for your own creative response in the form of a poem, story, or memory. The key is to let the poem inspire you to write.

Take ten minutes. Be prepared to share with the class.


Today, we’re going to talk about a very popular form of poetry: free verse. What is free verse?

Free verse is one of my favorite forms. Here are several I’ve written on my own blog to give you an idea of how open-ended (and freeing) this style of poetry can be.

For practice, you’re going to model a free verse poem after a very famous modern poem titled, “The Red Wheelbarrow.”

Let’s chat about it.

Here’s my free verse poem inspired by it: “So Much”

Let’s chat some more. I’ll share with you my inspiration behind it so you can see how much meaning can lie beneath a poem’s surface.

Now, it’s time for you to write your own poem inspired by “The Red Wheelbarrow.”

Draft your ideas in your writer’s notebook. When you like what you have, write your final draft on Day #2 of your poem book. I encourage you to post it on your blog as well!