DAY #3: Found Poetry (around the school)

DP #26: Poem of the Day

Read the poem of the day thoughtfully. Then, write a response to it. Your response can be an explanation of what it means, a focus on a particular line you like, or it could be the inspiration for your own creative response in the form of a poem, story, or memory. The key is to let the poem inspire you to write.

Take ten minutes. Be prepared to share with the class.


Today, we’re going to talk around the school so you can collect words and phrases in your writer’s notebook.

When we return to class, take the words you gathered and turn them into an original FOUND poem. The poem can take any form you like. The key is that you don’t add any new words to it. Work with what you gathered.

Once you’re happy with your poem, write it in your poem book on day three. You may also choose to cut the words out of your writer’s notebook and glue them into your poem book. Consider posting it on your blog as well!