Day #12: Terza Rima

DP #28: Poem of the Day

Read the poem of the day thoughtfully. Then, write a response to it. Your response can be an explanation of what it means, a focus on a particular line you like, or it could be the inspiration for your own creative response in the form of a poem, story, or memory. The key is to let the poem inspire you to write.

Take ten minutes. Be prepared to share with the class.


Terza Rima is a poetic rhyme structure used by the famous poet, Dante Alighieri.  Terza stands for “three” which means every stanza is comprised of three lines.  The key is that the stanzas created are interlocked by their rhyme pattern.

aba bcb cdc ded efe


Try writing a poem in terza rima.  Once you’re happy with your poem, write it in your poem book on day twelve. Consider posting it on your blog as well!


Weekend Ideas:

*Write a free verse about what you did over the weekend.

*Create a found poem from words found in your house.

*Ask a family member to name an object and then create a concrete poem based around it.

*What other ideas do you have?