Day #18: Phone Number Poem and Poem-in-Your-Pocket Day

DP #36: Dear Poet #4

Today, we’re going to watch and listen to an eminent American poet recite original poetry. Be prepared to write down your reactions after listening, as well as discuss.

You’ll be listening to eight poets over the course of the next two weeks and writing a letter to one of them.


Today, you’re going to create a poem using your own phone number as a template for the amount of syllables per line.

Once you craft one you like, transfer it into your poem book. For fun, you can “give your phone number” to someone and see if they can figure it out by counting out the syllables.


Today is also National Poem-in-your-pocket day. In celebration, I’m giving each of you the gift of a poem. Read it and reflect on it and then (if you’re willing) fold it and place it in your pocket with the knowledge that thousands of other people today are carrying the beauty of the written word with them as well. You may also choose to give it someone else who may appreciate it. You can also have some fun turning it into a beautiful piece of origami.

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