Day #25: Nature Poetry

DP #40: Dear Poet #8

Today, we’re going to watch the last American poet recite original poetry. Be prepared to write down your reactions after listening, as well as discuss.

Take five minutes.


Today, we are going to explore nature as a means of creative written expression. We’ll be using

Thoreau’s model of nature writing

  • Keep a Journal.
  • Record Personal Observations of Nature.
  • Express Personal Thoughts, Feelings, and Ideas.
  • Show How All of Life Is Connected and Interdependent.
  • Be Positive, Warm and Open to All Life.
  • Begin Now.

As we explore the school’s natural surroundings, we will also take A Haiku Walk.


The last ten minutes of class, transfer your favorite piece of nature poetry from the hour into your poem book.

Let’s go out and enjoy nature today!