Day #26: Spine Poetry

DP #41: Spine Poetry

Today, we’re going to create spine poetry. This can be done alone, with a partner, or small group. Once your poem is created, write it in your poem book.

Take ten minutes.


Now that you’ve watched 8 poets read their work, it’s time to select the one you were most intrigued by.

Let’s figure out who you want to write to and get into groups based on that. From there, you can discuss the poem and start to determine what you might like to say to the poet.  Can you identify the poet’s voice?  What lines spoke to you and why?  Do you share any similarities with the poet?  What questions do you have?

As a class, let’s determine what these letters should look like, including what to avoid.

Monday we’ll have the Chromecart so you can type your emails and send them to the poets.

Here are the specific guidelines:

Have at least two of your peers read over your email before sending it to ensure there are no grammatical or spelling errors.

Your letter must contain your name, the name of the poet you’re writing to, and our school name (see this sample email)

You may type your letter directly in the email. It’s always a good idea to draft first, then copy and paste your final draft into the email.

Send your letter to

“CC” your teacher on your email to ensure you get credit (

Complete this assignment by Monday night (April 29th). It cannot be turned in late for credit.


Finally, before you leave, submit the poem you wish to write in chalk for Chalk Poetry Day. You should submit it by writing it on an index card. It will be returned to you the day we create out chalk poetry (next Tuesday).