Sharing our poems: class favorites!

DP #43:  You did it!

Over the course of 30 days, you wrote 30 poems. What was that experience like? How do you feel now that you’ve accomplished this creative task?

Take five minutes. Be prepared to share a line.


Today, your peers are going to help you decide which poem to showcase on your blog. First, decide which 3 POEMS you are most proud of and mark them with a post-it note.

Next, we’re all going to sit in a circle and silently read and pass along our poem books.

When you get someone else’s poem book, read the three marked with a post-it only.

Next, put a tally mark on the post-it note of your favorite poem.

Keep passing poem books clockwise until you get your own back.

When you get your own poem book back, look to see which of your three poems got the most tally marks. That’s the one you’re encouraged to post on your blog!