Preparing Poetry Blog Post

DP #44:  Why do I write? Why do poets choose poetry as their form?

You answered this question on the first day of this class. Reflect again on this question and then also consider the second question.

Be prepared to share. Take five minutes.


Today, you have the class period to prepare your poetry blog post for tomorrow. There is NO Google Classroom rubric for this assignment. It must include the following for full points though:

  • A poem from your poem book
    • error-free
    • proper format for form chosen
    • title
  • Writer’s Reflection
    Paragraph One:
    *identification of the type of poem written
    *why you chose this type of poem
    *story behind the poem (where you got the idea, what it means to you, etc…)
    Paragraph Two:
    *your experience/feelings about poetry before this class/after this unit


Your poem book will be worth the most points for this assignment. Make sure it is complete and ready to turn in tomorrow.

IMPORTANT: if you will not be in class tomorrow, it is expected you turn in your poem book today.

It is also expected you complete your poem with reflection post by Sunday at midnight.