Script writing: the assignment

Daily Prompt #59: Inspired by Image

Courtesy of Pixabay

Inspired by this image, write for five minutes.


Today, we’re going to review the requirements for the script assignment.


  • 1) Select a piece you have already written (creative essay, short story, flash fiction, poem, daily prompt, etc…)
  • 2) Rewrite it as a script: either PLAY or SCREEN (not both!)
  • 3) Type it on a Google Doc (2 pages approximately)
  • 4) Click ‘Share’ and change to ‘anyone with the link can view’
  • 5) Create a blog post: briefly introduce your script and add the Google Doc link to the post (picture is recommended, but not required)

Use the hour today to complete steps 1-2

Tomorrow, we’ll be in the lab so you can complete steps 3-5.

This assignment is due Sunday by midnight.

Happy writing!