“Carry On” by Thought Wonderland

I have always been able to make meaningful observations about my surroundings. It is always natural for me to think of ways to express other people, places, feelings, and events in my head. I love to write poetry. I was always excited to get my thoughts down on paper, even in elementary school when the class had to write a poem or story. There was always something about sharing my work with others that made me happy and get an adrenaline rush. This semester, I got to dive deeper into discovering who I am as a writer. Through sharing my ideas with my classmates, writing everyday, and working to transform my thoughts into beautiful works of art, I truly have learned more about the dynamics of writing. Even though I still have a long way to go, I know now that it is possible. I was able to share all of my work through my blog.

I chose to share one of the poems I wrote earlier this semester, titled “Carry On”. I felt compelled to share this poem because it shares a journey with the reader. It is a free verse that expresses a deep emotional tie between strength and tranquility. I felt this poem was a representation of the work I put into the development of myself as a writer this semester. I wanted to convey deep emotion, and I did that through this poem.


“Carry On”

The most intense moments are calm

She continues even in the fire

Reaching a peaceful state, until her arms are still and her mind is done shaking

The flames we go through have a purpose

This is only realized once we stop living in fear

The worth of the flames are known

Stuck in our brains for an eternity

Never forgotten, nor remembered clearly

In the darkest moments, our sun can shine the brightest.

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