Peer Feedback on Blog Post #1

Hi folks!

Now that your blogs are set up, it’s time to start exploring!

Click on “Student Blogs” on our class blog so you can find each other’s blogs. Consider following each other as well so you never miss a post! Posts will show up in your Reader once you do.

Go to Google Classroom and select the assignment, Peer Feedback. Follow the directions and, when you’re done, click ‘turn in’ in the top right-hand corner.

This assignment is due by tonight at midnight.

Have fun reading and commenting!

Creating Blogs: Day Three

Blogging continues!

Today’s tasks

1. Complete Part Five in your blogging packet.

2. Fill out the top half of the blog rubric on Google Classroom and hit “Turn In.”  These are due by midnight tonight.

Tomorrow, you will be reading and posting on each other’s blogs.

Creating Blogs: Day One

Hi Class!  The next three days, we will be meeting in the lab so you can create your blogs and write your very first post! Thursday, we will read and comment on each other’s first posts.

Use the packet provided to help you stay on top of your daily tasks.

Today’s tasks:

1. Try to complete Parts One and Two in your “Making a Blog” packet.

2. Don’t panic if you don’t finish. You can continue where you left off tomorrow.

Have fun, and don’t be afraid to ask your teacher lots of questions. This can be overwhelming at first!




Blogging Basics: Online Component

Hi folks!

Today, we are going to review the basics of blogging (you will also be turning it in). After that, you will be completing Blogging Basics Part Two, which requires you to get online and start looking at blogs.  Use my page, How to Blog, as a resource today.

Please turn in your handout before you leave class today.

Remember, we are meeting in the lab all of this week so you can create your blogs.

Have fun exploring!

Blogging Unit: Digital Citizenship

Daily Prompt #6: Senses Exploration

Practice utilizing all the five senses in your writing: see, hear, feel, taste, smell.  Write for five minutes describing this classroom and all the five senses you’re experiencing at this exact moment.

In this class, you will be creating a blog.

What is a blog?

a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis.

Why have one?

After next week, you can officially call yourself a blogger!

But before you do, we need to talk about something very important: digital citizenship and your digital footprint.

Let’s brainstorm as a class what our rules should be when we are in the digital world.

Time to get the basics of blogging down.   You will be reading about how to blog effectively while completing a handout.  Feel free to discuss with your neighbors, but complete your own work.




Creating Blogs: Day Three

Blogging continues!  Here are today’s tasks

1. Get your “About Me” page done (remember this is a PAGE and not a WIDGET or a POST. If you are confused, let Mrs. Keskes know)

  • image with proper credit given
  • well-written intro to yourself (poetry or prose is acceptable)
  • no mention of your true identity or way of personally contacting you
  • achieve one of your writing goals in the creation of this page (for example, no spelling errors)  

As always, have fun!

Blogging Basics Continued

DP #8: A “given” first line (from William Kittredge)

Begin a story with the line: Why did you say that?

Write for ten minutes.

Today, we are going to review the Blogging Basics packet.

Let’s take some time now to explore some blogs and WordPress.

Remember, we are meeting in Lab 300 tomorrow so you can complete the online portion of this assignment.  See you then!

Making Blogs

Hi folks! This week, we are meeting in lab 300 every day so you can make your blogs, enroll in Google Classroom, and provide feedback on each other’s blogs.

What’s due today:

  • email me (
    • the name of your blog
    • a link to your blog (I know it won’t be done yet)
    • your pen name

Once you’ve done this, use the remainder of class to work through the packet on how to make a blog on WordPress.