Day #1 Activity (Online Literary Journal)

Hi folks!

This is what you should be working on today for your online literary journal.

  1. Decide which piece of writing you want to submit to the journal and revise/edit as needed so it is PERFECT.
    1. Copy and paste it onto your rubric on Google Classroom (don’t click ‘Turn In’ yet).
  2. If you get done early, select an original image to email your teacher (this must be self-created or self-taken. You cannot do a Google search for this image).

Reading our Online Journal: Et Cetera

Hi folks! Use this final day in class to read our literary journal, Et cetera, and post an encouraging comment on at least five of the pages.

Before you leave, please take a moment to fill out our class survey as well.  I hope to see some of you again!

Farewell to Seniors

Use this day to play around with your blog and review your peers’ blogs. I will be meeting with students who still need to turn in their final project.  Tomorrow, you will have class time read the journal and post comments.

Today is your last day to work on your blog in this class (I will miss you and your writing)! Use this time to make a post where you directly speak to your readers. Write one of the two following types of posts.

*Let your readers know this will be your last post on this blog as the class is ending. Add any other ‘flair’ to the post that you’d like and thank them for their feedback.

*Let your readers know that while this is your last post for the class, you plan to continue posting on this blog. You might let them know what to expect from you in the future. Add any other ‘flair’ to the post that you’d like.

Please take this survey so I can continue to improve this class. Thank you so much!



Final Project: Online Literary Journal

DP #44: Inspire each other

On a post-it note, write a brief idea that could be turned into a story, poem, or play.

Stick it on the Smartboard.

Once everyone is done, come on up and grab one (not your own) and take it back to your seat.

Write for five minutes and be prepared to share a favorite line from it, as well as the post-it note.

Hi folks! Let’s take some time today to share your stories created from Pandora’s Box yesterday.

It’s time to talk about the final exam project for this class, your submission to our online literary journal. It’s early because our seniors are leaving next Friday!  We’ll be doing one more unit after this: screen and playwriting.

Here are the directions on how to do the final project.  You’ll all be submitting to our online literary journal, Et Cetera. Let’s review the rubric on Google Classroom as well.

Let me show you, step-by-step, how to submit your final piece which is due NEXT WEDNESDAY.

We will be meeting in Lab 300 this Friday and all of next week. This is your last day in the classroom, seniors!

Now, use the remainder of the hour to write!  🙂