Inspired by Your Peers (Blog Post #13)

Hi folks!  Here are your tasks for today:

  1. Post your “Inspired by” piece on your blog (you don’t need an image). Don’t forget to link to the peer’s post it was inspired by!
  2. Read your peers’ blogs and post comments. (Click on ‘Student Blog’ to find links to all blogs).

Happy blogging!


Poem/Writer’s Reflection (Post #9) Due

Hi folks!

Today post #9 is due. It is a summative assessment and should include a poem and writer’s reflection. All the details are on Google Classroom. Once you post, be sure to fill out the rubric on there, then click, “Turn In.”  It’s due by midnight Sunday.

If you get done early, use the time to read your peers’ works!

Found Poetry (around the school)

DP #44: Ode

An ode is a poem that glorifies a person, place, or thing. It does not have any set structure or rhythm and can be both serious or humorous. What is something or someone you really value?

Take ten minutes.

Today, we are going to be taking a walking tour of the school so you can create a “Found” poem. Take photos and jot down words and phrases and punctuation that catches your eye.

Tomorrow, you will be writing a poem created from the words you have collected.

Final Poetry Assignment and NaPoWriMo Awards

DP #43: Acrostic

Try your hand at writing an acrostic poem.

Take ten minutes.

Let’s talk about the game plan for this week:

  1. First, you have your next summative assessment due this Sunday by midnight: a poem with a writer’s reflection.
  2. Chalk Poetry day: this Wednesday! You need to write an original poem and turn it in for approval by the end of the class tomorrow.

Use the remainder of the hour to:

  • look through your notebook to determine which poem you’d like to write outside with chalk. Copy it to a note card for approval. You can write an entirely new one as well.
  • look through your notebook to determine which poem you’d like to work on and post this Friday. You can also create an entirely new one.