Poem Book Due Today

Hi everyone! Today is the day to turn in your poem book and post your poem with reflection.

As always, happy writing!

Preparing Poetry Blog Post

DP #44:  Why do I write? Why do poets choose poetry as their form?

You answered this question on the first day of this class. Reflect again on this question and then also consider the second question.

Be prepared to share. Take five minutes.


Today, you have the class period to prepare your poetry blog post for tomorrow. There is NO Google Classroom rubric for this assignment. It must include the following for full points though:

  • A poem from your poem book
    • error-free
    • proper format for form chosen
    • title
  • Writer’s Reflection
    Paragraph One:
    *identification of the type of poem written
    *why you chose this type of poem
    *story behind the poem (where you got the idea, what it means to you, etc…)
    Paragraph Two:
    *your experience/feelings about poetry before this class/after this unit


Your poem book will be worth the most points for this assignment. Make sure it is complete and ready to turn in tomorrow.

IMPORTANT: if you will not be in class tomorrow, it is expected you turn in your poem book today.

It is also expected you complete your poem with reflection post by Sunday at midnight.



Sharing our poems: class favorites!

DP #43:  You did it!

Over the course of 30 days, you wrote 30 poems. What was that experience like? How do you feel now that you’ve accomplished this creative task?

Take five minutes. Be prepared to share a line.


Today, your peers are going to help you decide which poem to showcase on your blog. First, decide which 3 POEMS you are most proud of and mark them with a post-it note.

Next, we’re all going to sit in a circle and silently read and pass along our poem books.

When you get someone else’s poem book, read the three marked with a post-it only.

Next, put a tally mark on the post-it note of your favorite poem.

Keep passing poem books clockwise until you get your own back.

When you get your own poem book back, look to see which of your three poems got the most tally marks. That’s the one you’re encouraged to post on your blog!


Day #29: Haiku Book Review/Letter to a Poet

DP #42: Haiku Book Review

Think about one of your favorite books and write a review for it in haiku form.

Write out a draft and, once you’re happy with it, transfer it into your poem book.

Take ten minutes.


Using the directions and format provided Friday, please type your letter to the poet of your choice, then email it to dearpoet@poets.org.

Don’t forget to cc me as well (mirandakeskes@hartlandschools.us)!

All letters must be emailed by tomorrow!

Happy writing!

Day #26: Spine Poetry

DP #41: Spine Poetry

Today, we’re going to create spine poetry. This can be done alone, with a partner, or small group. Once your poem is created, write it in your poem book.

Take ten minutes.


Now that you’ve watched 8 poets read their work, it’s time to select the one you were most intrigued by.

Let’s figure out who you want to write to and get into groups based on that. From there, you can discuss the poem and start to determine what you might like to say to the poet.  Can you identify the poet’s voice?  What lines spoke to you and why?  Do you share any similarities with the poet?  What questions do you have?

As a class, let’s determine what these letters should look like, including what to avoid.

Monday we’ll have the Chromecart so you can type your emails and send them to the poets.

Here are the specific guidelines:

Have at least two of your peers read over your email before sending it to ensure there are no grammatical or spelling errors.

Your letter must contain your name, the name of the poet you’re writing to, and our school name (see this sample email)

You may type your letter directly in the email. It’s always a good idea to draft first, then copy and paste your final draft into the email.

Send your letter to dearpoet@poets.org

“CC” your teacher on your email to ensure you get credit (mirandakeskes@hartlandschools.us)

Complete this assignment by Monday night (April 29th). It cannot be turned in late for credit.


Finally, before you leave, submit the poem you wish to write in chalk for Chalk Poetry Day. You should submit it by writing it on an index card. It will be returned to you the day we create out chalk poetry (next Tuesday).

Day #25: Nature Poetry

DP #40: Dear Poet #8

Today, we’re going to watch the last American poet recite original poetry. Be prepared to write down your reactions after listening, as well as discuss.

Take five minutes.


Today, we are going to explore nature as a means of creative written expression. We’ll be using

Thoreau’s model of nature writing

  • Keep a Journal.
  • Record Personal Observations of Nature.
  • Express Personal Thoughts, Feelings, and Ideas.
  • Show How All of Life Is Connected and Interdependent.
  • Be Positive, Warm and Open to All Life.
  • Begin Now.

As we explore the school’s natural surroundings, we will also take A Haiku Walk.


The last ten minutes of class, transfer your favorite piece of nature poetry from the hour into your poem book.

Let’s go out and enjoy nature today!

Day #24: Color Poem

DP #39: Dear Poet #7

Today, we’re going to watch and listen to an eminent American poet recite original poetry. Be prepared to write down your reactions after listening, as well as discuss.

You’ll be listening to eight poets over the course of the next two weeks and writing a letter to one of them.


Take five minutes.

Today, you’re going to have some fun writing a Color Poem in your notebooks.

Write out a draft and, once you’re happy with it, transfer it into your poem book.

Happy writing!