“Decisions” by Waves of Unknown Thought

I’ve truly never enjoyed writing, until this semester. In the past few years writing has become dreadful to me with informative essays, argumentative essays, etc. Writing about something I don’t enjoy is punishment to me, so I’m very thankful for this class as I believe I have grown and truly liked writing for once. I have to admit I was skeptical about the blog at first, but now I love it, and hope to continue writing on it.

I chose the piece “decisions”, because I feel as if it will relate to nearly everyone. When I wrote it I was thinking of the angel and devil on your shoulders. Which one do you choose, is a hard question many of us face. We are not all perfect, but there is time to mend our mistakes. I hope you enjoy this poem, as it’s one of my favorites. You can find more pieces like this on my blog, “Waves of Unknown Thoughts.”




They destroy us all

Some cut like a knife

Others sting like a bee

Shall one not turn around

From their lies

Quicksand will consume

What happiness they have left



The only solution

A cool breath of hope

And a step in the right direction

One can not change the past

But the future

Is a novel in the making



Changes or lies

Peace or destruction

Rising or sinking

Joy or loneliness

Life or death

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16 thoughts on ““Decisions” by Waves of Unknown Thought

  1. I thought your formatting of your poem was very clever. Having the one word and than the follow up explanation really made it interesting to read.

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