“Deep Red” by Mechanical Rose

Before creative writing, I didn’t write very often. I wrote when necessary, that was it. I knew I was good at it, but I wasn’t something I found very enjoyable. Enter creative writing: I started seeing it in a new light. I learned new ways to construct words and reinvent meanings. I actually thought it was fun.

The piece I chose, isn’t my favorite piece, but it is one that begged for reinvention. I feel like it displays my pessimism in a better way than just me trying to explain it to someone. That being said, it’s probably the darkest poem I’ve written in class.


“Deep Red”

A glimmer of hope,

Shines through the glass,


They reach for it,

Unaware of the consequence,


Dark red splashes,

Swimming in sorrows,


I warned them,

I was them.


22 thoughts on ““Deep Red” by Mechanical Rose

  1. This poem has a dark undertone to it but that is what makes it so interesting. I like how it connects back to the author at the end.

  2. “I warned them. I was them” wow, those lines are so powerful and can be interpreted in many different ways. This poem has great imagery and symbolism and yet it is vague enough that everyone can interpret it the way they see it and relate. Awesome job!

  3. I really enjoyed the grim tone to this because it displayed a deep message. I also really liked your last two lines the most, they almost left a question in my mind.

  4. It’s a dark poem in which I like, and also, It stuck out to me because of the Red. Red is my favorite color and I feel like it has a lot of meaning behind it, as you can tell in my name!

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