“Dreaming” by Dood Meisje

As a teengager I began to love writing. The idea of being able to write down what you’re thinking so others can join in on your thoughts amazes me. While growing up my parents, and myself noticed that my grades in every single one of my writing classes were off the charts. I’ve been asked multiple times by my teachers if they could keep some of my writing work to share with other teachers and classes. Writing down my thoughts calm me down at points when I can’t even think straight. I write what I want to write, not what people want me to. I’m a brutally honest person which makes me believe that’s why people love my work. I tend to get a little too honest about my life, but I have some dramatic events in my life that other people relate to. Looking back on this semester, I realized that everyone learns and improves at their own pace. You can’t force someone to become an amazing writer, or to love writing. Just like an astonishing story, it takes time to become shockingly good. My blog Boujee Blog has created a world I’ve always wanted to live in. The fact that I can go somewhere public and write down what is going on in my head is my utopia. I’ve been inspired by my classmates to keep writing and to never stop believing in what you think is right.

I chose to share “Dreaming” because I feel it was the best representation of how I grew as a writer in this class. I worked on making my poems more dramatic, and emotional. I remember when Mrs. Hoerauff announced that we will be working on poetry. I became upset since poetry is my least favorite subject, but I was introduced to a different style of poetry. Found poetry. This piece is a poem I wrote in class using words around the hallway from posters. I am not a fan of poetry, but I am proud of my found poem. I changed the title of my poem to dreaming, because the plot of this poem is to not be afraid of your worst nightmare.



Keep calm

be still.

Everyone is different.

Your piece of the puzzle completes the team.

Don’t cry

be safe

wake up

You’re still in a dream

No more tears

And no more scares.

Just know you’re having nightmares

about a land downstairs.

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