“Fair” by Elizabeth Jones

I have been writing since I can remember. Writing was just something I did from time to time, until I took this class. Creative writing pushed me to write everyday. Writing everyday allows me to grow as a writer. I have seen improvements in my writing while taking this class. Creative writing was the best thing to happen to my creativity.

I chose my poem, “Fair” as my favorite piece. This is my favorite piece because it displays an emotion I had during my worst week of this semester. I also love the repetition of “they don’t know” in the third stanza. Repetition is a great way to show emotion, and this repetition shows the anger behind the piece, instead of just telling the readers that I am angry. You can find other pieces like this at, “Three Thousand Words”.



“All of you have the same opportunities”

“All of you have the same chances to try”

“As long as you work hard in your communities”

All the adults say, well all the adults lie


“Just try your best and you’ll go far”

“Everyone has the ability to grow”

“Just be you, be who you are”

All the adults say, well all the adults don’t know


They don’t know, some just never rest

They don’t know, some are forced to quit

They don’t know, the winner isn’t always the best

They don’t know, they’re the ones that do it


So just remember life is never fair

So if you care, just always be aware

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13 thoughts on ““Fair” by Elizabeth Jones

  1. I like how you wrote about something that resonates with a lot of teenagers. It lets the reader make a personal connection to the piece.

  2. Wow, your rhyme scheme really emphasized your point. You do a phenomenal job of getting your point across and connecting with the reader. I completely agree with everything that you said.

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