“Feelin’ Real” by BabyGirlV

As a little girl, I wanted to be a journalist. Now, I’d love to pursue writing as an adult. However, I don’t think it’s something I will do full time because it doesn’t seem logical to me, but I still plan on continuing writing on a daily basis. It will forever be a passion of mine, even though I may not attempt to follow my dreams with it. During this semester, I’ve learned various writing techniques, and formatting tools to improve my writing abilities, which has helped tremendously. I will definitely continue to use these in the future.

  The piece I chose was one of my favorites because I think I did a good job with flow, and wording. I wrote it based on a lot of things I personally feel and think. It really reflects a good interpretation of how I view myself as a person. Also, my feelings internally. There are pieces I have written that I would consider to be better than this one, but I just thought this one would meet the criteria better than other.


“Feelin’ Real”

Dancing with my arms, while my legs are broken

But it don’t matter

Cause I ain’t got no rhythm


It’s just getting worse

I’m a wild cat

In the middle of the night


Pierced my ears in the dark

Just to do it

And I did it


And I,

I’ve always had that feelin’

That no one else knows how to feel

Like I do


Sittin on the stairs

Peelin’ back my orange peel

Don’t sit next to me


Cause When I start talkin’

I’m runnin every red light

Downtown late at night


You’ll get scared

You never knew

That you were never brave


You had an idea what it was like

How the other side was

Now You’ve never felt more alive


I know it’ll be wrong

That’s why I do it

And it always ends up right


I’m a bird that broke it’s wing

A long time ago

But I still can walk

Anywhere I please



Pushing back the covers of my bed

With my feet

Just to feel the breeze

Seeping in from the window


I never know what sleeping is

When I’m awake

So I jump outta bed


Run through the streets

Just to feel the pebbles stick on my toes


The hole in my heart

Is suddenly filled

And I’ve got myself to hold


It feels so warm

Even in the bitter cold