“Memory” by Love for Writing

My history was not the best let me tell you. I did not know much about writing before I came in this class but now I say different. This class has taught me so much that now, whenever I get an assignment in any class that deals with writing I immediately write in a creative way.

This is my favorite piece because it shows how much i am in love with this island. I really do see myself working there. I love it because this memory that i had was about 3 years ago and it is still like I saw it yesterday I will never forget the first time looking out into the lake and knowing how peaceful it is.


A simple memory on an island always rushes in to mind when I am in school, alone, or just relaxing. Mackinac Island. One day I was out on an adventure and saw the most beautiful site no one has ever seen, behind an old library gazing out into the great lake, it was so peaceful there, so relaxing. I realized that I wanted to live here forever when I grow up and even when I am old and retired from the job I pursued. The clacking of the horses hooves on the cement ringed in my ears just outside the library. I felt myself unwind from all the problems, stress, and anxiety as if I were in a different world, somewhere that there is no such thing as pain in this parallel universe. I was laying on the grass with my eyes closed and the warm sun on my face I came back to reality, opened my eyes, sat up, then my sight was crystal clear, I saw the lighthouse sitting out on the peninsula of rocks. All I could think was how my life would be living here. The thought of how amazing it would be to actually be. I will live here someday, on my future island.

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