Script writing: Time to Write

Daily Prompt #52: Inspired by Music

As the music plays, write down whatever comes to your mind.

Hi folks! Today, you have more time to write and develop your script. As you do, use this plot graphic organizer to guide you.

Happy writing!


Script writing: the assignment

Daily Prompt #51: Inspired by an Image

Courtesy of Pixabay

Inspired by this image, write for seven minutes.

Today, we’re going to review the requirements for your summative assessment of script writing.  Here’s the rubric.

You have the remainder of the hour to work on your script.

Happy writing!

Playwriting: Day Two

Daily Prompt #50: Inspired by Music

As the music plays, write down whatever comes to your mind.

Today, we’re going to do some practice writing dialogue. You’ll be writing two different scenes of dialogue.

First Scene: find a partner. With your partner, select one of the sample characters listed below (or come up with your own). Decide on a scenario where these two characters would be talking and write their conversation. Write it like a play script. Don’t worry about quotation marks and dialogue tags.

Be prepared to share. I’ll ask for a few volunteers.

Second Scene: on your own. Select two new characters listed below (or come up with your own). Just as before, decide on a scenario where these two characters would be talking and write their conversation. Write in screenplay or play script form. Use the remainder of the hour.

Sample Character List
from the National Writing Project

  • movie star and fanatic fan
  • officer and speeder
  • psychiatrist and patient
  • waiter/waitress and diner
  • man on a ledge and psychologist
  • principal and student
  • hairdresser/barber and client
  • teacher and parent
  • little sis and big sis
  • driving instructor and student driver
  • deejay and phone-in listener
  • reporter and accident witness
  • priest and confessor
  • cheerleader and nerd
  • girl and boy on blind date
  • dogcatcher and dog owner
  • player and coach
  • two late-night grocery shoppers
  • girl’s date and little brother or sister
  • flight attendant and passenger
  • man and God
  • angel and devil on character’s shoulder

Playwriting: Day One

Daily Prompt #49: Writing from Music

Listen to this song.  As you do, write whatever pops into your head.

Music can lead to amazing moments of brilliance.  Try it out!


Today, we are going to read together two scripts from former students who submitted to the Michigan State University’s Playwriting Competition.

To understand how to format a playscript, you’re all getting a copy of a sample script outline (courtesy of the MSU contest). Additionally, here is a diagram which explains stage directions.

With the time remaining, we’ll continue brainstorming ideas for either movie scripts or play scripts, discussing what content works best for each form.


Screenwriting – Day Three

Daily Prompt #48: Inspired by Images

Write down whatever comes to your mind as you look at this image.


Take ten minutes.


Let’s continue practicing with screenwriting.

Alone or with a partner, try your hand at writing a mini screenplay for the following scenario:


John heard a strange noise in the closet. As he crossed the room to investigate, he heard Diana scream something terrifying. He tried to decide what to do. Then, he made his decision.


Elaborate as much as you want. Be prepared to share and discuss with the class.


Now, take something from your writer’s notebook (could be anything!) and turn it into script format.  Have fun!



Screenwriting: Day Two

Daily Prompt #47: Responding to Music

Listen to the following song. Feel free to write as you listen (or just listen!)

Hi folks!

Let’s review the handouts: Building Blocks of a Script and Formatting a Script.

Next, practice formatting a short scene from Toy Story with a partner.

Google Docs also has a script Add-on. Let’s play with it a little bit!

Let’s check to see if you’ve got it!