“Rain” by Athazagoraphobia

I can remember being seven years old and coming up with random stories and my mom always telling me to write them down .At school I was really great at writing, and couple years ago I started actually writing the stories .That was how I found out how much I enjoy writing those stories down. This past semester I’ve gotten to write so many other stories and try out many other genres. Writing every day has made writer’s block a little less inevitable. I’ve been writing screenplays and so many types of poems and It’s allowed me to really grow as a writer.

I chose to share “Rain” because I’ve never really done anything with this poem before. I wrote it a couple months ago in this class and then forgot about it. As I was going through my notebook, trying to figure out what to use for my last piece, this stuck out on my head. It really shows what rain means to me and what I think about whenever I hear it. To some people, it may not seem deep, but for me, it holds a lot of meaning. It’s just a free-verse poem and I hope people can see how rain, in all its dreariness, can be beautiful.



Cold and warm, falling,

Clouds made of cotton, dense and gray with water

Puddles ripple and reflection distort,

Still comforting, still falling

A flash of light a roar of sound,

A coat to keep dry in the falling mist

Trees and flowers thank the sky

A dog trembles at home, fearful of what may come,

Not knowing how harmless it can be


24 thoughts on ““Rain” by Athazagoraphobia

  1. I really enjoyed your poem! The personification of the trees and flowers really adds to the overall feeling of the poem.

  2. I love your poem about rain. You took something that most people don’t see the importance of and really showed how beautiful rain can be.

  3. I really like how you said that it is your meaning behind the poem and what rain means to you. I really like the line “A flash of light, a roar of sound” its so detailed yet not too detailed. Very lovely piece!

  4. Wow, this poem is really amazing. I absolutely love the syntax that you use, it gives the piece a feeling of calm and quiet, almost like it’s imitating the atmosphere that rain creates.

  5. I liked how you described the clouds as being puffy, grey cotton. I don’t know why, But it really caught my attention.

  6. I loved how uplifting your Rain poem is. Rain is usually a depressing thing; you made it the exact opposite! I love the last line, it just makes me smile! Well done word choice.

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