“Stalk my Prey” by Original Artist Hailey

I started writing really heavily when I was in 7th grade. I had the best English teacher who taught me alot. She taught me that any piece is a good piece. It just might need revising. During my 7th grade year, i wrote and published my own poem book. We have yet to put it in stores but my family has bought a few copies to share with friends. Up to this year I have always loved writing poetry. Last year i noticed I have not been writing as much as I used to. In this creative writing class I figured out that I really love to write. I have really thought about it as a career. I could not have gotten through a great year with a great teacher. Thank you Mrs. Hoerauf.

          I chose a piece of darkness and horror. I usually write about nature and happy thoughts. I             chose this piece to shake things up a bit. I wanted to show another side of me and what I can do. Also to show that I can write about anything.

“Stalk my Prey”

Little boy,

blonde hair,

humble and filled with joy,

about to get a scare.


In his room,

minding his own,


Now not alone.


Loud noise,

looks around,

plays with toys,

behind is clowned.


Next is scary.

Clothes are thrown,

being carried,

hold tight to nothing but bone.


Eyes then meet,

pain and fear,

ready to beat,

what going to come after a tear.


All is feared.

Little boy bled,

killer has disappeared,

little boy is dead.

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13 thoughts on ““Stalk my Prey” by Original Artist Hailey

  1. It is impressive how you are able to tell a whole story in such a short amount of time. This poem is creepy but entertaining.

  2. Wow, I actually got chills while reading this poem. I absolutely love the way that you tell a story within a poem since it seems that that is not a very common occurrence.

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