Student Blogs

Here are some up-and-coming teen bloggers you want to check out.  They are new to this blogging world, so be kind and thoughtful in your feedback.

5th Hour Blogs (Mrs. Hoerauf)
Procrastinator Writing
Reckless Abandonment
Spicy Banana Bread
Unconscious Competence
Inspired by the Little Things
Melancholic Aries
A Perfect World
The Other Side of a Broken Mirror by Oliver
Message Man Blog by Davey
Abandoned Love
A World Girl Runner
When the Sun Sets
A Little Bit of Life and Learning
Cling to What is Good
Nonversation Conversation
Jae Splash of Truth
John’s Journal Junk
9 Volt Memory
Bella Vita
Strawberry Ravenclaw
Content Contemplation
Koronnah’s Shine
Infused with the Sweet Things
Existentialist Mexican
Tia’s Writing
Unknown Creative Writing
Blogging Quest
Personal Blog
Relatable Raccoon
Fifty Shades of Meme

6th Hour blogs (Mrs. Hoerauf)

Midnight Thoughts
Walking to Paradise
The Lost Soul
Andrew’s Blog
Stressed Teen
Quincy the Duck
Sophie’s Thoughts
Rhilo’s Workshop
Petrichor Eloquence
The Creative Practitioner
The Script
Elijah’s Blog
Citrine Daydream
Poetic Russian
Night Rider
Typical American Teenage Girl
Lost & Found
Reality Through Words
Taylor’s Life
Dandelion Wine
Nat’s Blog
Qwerty Keys
The Beginning
Molly’s Blog
Logan Jabrone
The Life of a Teenage Girl

6th Hour Blogs (Mrs. Keskes)

Roswell’s Alien
Netflix and Namaste
Elegant Elephant
Schizophrenic Ivan Braginsky
living the dream
Stop and Smell the Roses
The Yin and Yang Effect
Down the Other Road 
Peaches N Creativity
Pen in Penmanship
My Life
Written In Ink
The Land of the Night Creatures
Mr. Kind Guy
The Unknown Poet
ShadowWolf07’s Story Ideas
The Inner Workings
Ell’s Element
Burgers and Basketball
Kapitaen Kay-Meister’s Blog of Blasphemy
Tim Horton Jr.
B-Jammin’s Blog of Blasphemy
ideas a’bloomin
Big Baller Brand
Moonlight Shine
Imagination Glitter
Purple Roses
Este Ca Luna
Blue Roses Blog












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