Student Blogs

Here are some up-and-coming teen bloggers you want to check out.  They are new to this blogging world, so be kind and thoughtful in your feedback.

4th Hour Blogs
Just a Bibliophile
Happy Girl
Live Like Yellow
Requiem on Water
Sophia’s Blog
An Escape
Through My Eyes
Read Between the Lines
Quincy the Duck
crazy stuff here
The Blog
Around the World
Rachel’s Blog
Confessions of a Writing Freak
Keeping it Real
Carpe Dream
Inside Your Mind
Reckless Abandonment
aimer la vie
Victoria’s Blog
Spaced Out
Caught in the Storm
Nolan’s Blog
Tacere Natura


5th Hour Blogs
la vie est belle
Cole’s Blog
Liquid Lavender
mashpotatoforkdork by Alys 
Live from Space
Blue Sunshine
The Golden Things
Personal Opinions
Dissection of a Daisy
Strawberries on the French Riviera
The Wise Bread
Sour Patch Blogging
God’s writing angels
Lulu’s Lemons
All in My Head
Everyday Occurences
Lost in Space
Army of Dark Writers









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