Student Blogs

Here are some up-and-coming teen bloggers you want to check out.  They are new to this blogging world, so be kind and thoughtful in your feedback.


2nd Hour Blogs (Mrs. Hoerauf)

Creative Catharsis by the Occasionally Inspired Writer
Bell’s Creative Writing by silverbell23
Hexes and Mascara
Eternal Rose
Keep the Sauce by BabyGirl V
Abandoned Isolation by Mechanical Rose
Heart of Gold
The Fear of Being Forgotten by Athazagoraphobia
Explore the World Through Words
Waves of Unknown Thoughts
Original Artist Hailey
Livingston Writing by Ya Boi
Crysis Writer 
Creative Writing Blog
Autumn Grace
Three Thousand Words by Elizabeth Jones
Maikai Ola
Peyton’s Creative Crafty Marvel Filled Blog
The Blog of Squiggles by TheQBoys21
Love for Writing
Thought Wonderland
Before the Wind
Mind of Mine
Aimer La Vie
Adventurer by JT
The Zombie Hunter
Infinite Wonders
The Objective Analyst
Boujee Blog by Dood Meisje
Matt Wojo Blog
Take to the Sky by Writingale

4th Hour blogs (Mrs. Keskes)
Growing Smaller
thefyshbowl by MrTheFysh
Addisyn’s Blog
Last Save by Heir Chara
Purple Polka Dot Writes Stuff
Scone Snapple Beef by Call Me Chef Soy Lard Bee
Just Me
Marie Anne
Inside My Cage
Narrating Sunshine
Graceful Writings
A Horse of Course
Jelly Bean
Forgetting Tuesday
Dream Big, Do Bigger
Mrs. Doctor Pepper
Dunkin Donuts is Life
One Dream
Keep it Real
Algea’s Heaven by ArtTales
Black and White Blog
Poetry with Wings
Reckless Abandonment
Livin the Life
Darling Sentimentality
Wandering in Place
Melancholic by Marshall Xiathum
Seize the Blog


6th Hour Blogs (Mrs. Keskes)
Pencil Warrior 
Shadowed Beauty by a broken shield
Hailey Creative
The Bathroom by obama’s son jestro
The Epoch-Seeker by Hugo Jay
Love of Music
Below the Sea by apartoftheonlything
Words from the Throne by King Hood
Daydream Wonders
Strawberry Ravenclaw
Red Rumors
The Senate
The Honest Heart

Kermit the “not a frog” Frog
Lazy Girl Writing
Blue Sky by Dana Jane
Uimi’s Blog
God Made Blessings Weekly
The Crab Bucket by Gan Deesling
Write Like a Girl by Katerina
Cordialmente by samvictoriaa
Lost and Found
Music of the Heart
Steven’s Creative Writing
Talking Sense
Key to the Soul
A Faint Mumble
Qui Vivra Verra
Deucey Enterprises
Simply Ineffable












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