Student Showcase

Welcome to our student showcase page! Here, you will find exemplary examples of student writing created specifically for our class assignments. All of our student writing is to be commended, but these are a few pieces that stood out for a variety of reasons.

Take the time to enjoy these beautiful words and be sure to share your appreciation of the works with a comment on their blogs!

Creative Essays
These four pieces were the top favorites by five HHS teachers.
Fall 2018

“Good Vibrations” by Touch of Grey
“As it Was” by Drew with the Scoop
“Far Away” by The Ghosts of Myself
“Symbiosis” by our life as birds

Scripts (screen and stage)
Spring 2016
Unconditional Love
Love Laney
Darkness, Overwhelming Darkness

Fall 2015
Rejected Vows
The Alchemist
Something’s Fishy with Her

Fiction (short stories and novel excerpts)
Spring 2016
The Lotus
I Lost Her
The Defender
Elysium (excerpt)
Guardian – Harassment of Life 

Fall 2015

Ordinary Thanksgivings
Return and Remembrance
Excerpt from Zetsumetsu
The Story of Ulf (excerpt)
Royal Pains (excerpt)

Spring 2016
April 22nd (free verse)
The Blue Effect (villanelle)
End (sonnet) 
Untitled (abecedarian)
poema (free verse)
Fear (terza rima)

Fall 2015
A lot can happen
At Last I Can 
Each Blade
The New Name

Book Reviews
Fall 2015
The Help
The Way of Kings
Before I Die
All the Light We Cannot See