Creative Essays: Topic Ideas

Daily Prompt #11: Rereading and Highlighting

Take some time to pore over your notebook (you’ve got 10 entries now, plus extra writing you may have added). Add notes in the margins of your notebook and highlight words, phrases, and lines that jump out to you. Add on to prompts you feel inspired to finish.

After you’ve done this, write a brief reflection on what you’ve written so far. Are you surprised by anything? Are you finding any patterns? Are you starting to discover your writer’s voice already?


For the remainder of the hour, start working on your creative essay.

If you already have an idea, start writing a rough draft.

If you’re still searching for an idea, begin making a brainstorming list and ask your peers for ideas, including what they’re going to write about.

Try your best to have your topic picked out before you leave class today.

See you in lab 300 tomorrow!