Inspired by Nature

DP #60: Inspired by Nature

Write a piece (poem, flash fiction, etc…) using the following image: a smashed flower on the sidewalk.

Take ten minutes.

Today, we are going to explore nature as a means of creative written expression. We’ll be using

Thoreau’s model of nature writing

  • Keep a Journal.
  • Record Personal Observations of Nature.
  • Express Personal Thoughts, Feelings, and Ideas.
  • Show How All of Life Is Connected and Interdependent.
  • Be Positive, Warm and Open to All Life.
  • Begin Now.

As we explore the school’s natural surroundings, we will also take A Haiku Walk.

Let’s go out and enjoy nature today!



Completing your Inspired Pieces

DP# 58: Inspiring others

Invent your own quote designed to inspire others. Brainstorm several and select your favorite. You can be serious or funny. Be prepared to share.

Take ten minutes.

Hi folks!

Today is the day to perfect your “Inspired By” piece. Tomorrow, you will be posting them on your blogs.

Happy Writing!

Writing Your Inspired Pieces

DP# 57: Who inspires you?

Write about a person (they do not have to be alive currently or someone you know personally) who inspired you and explain why.

Take ten minutes.

Hi folks! Today, you’re being given time to write an original piece inspired by your peers. Hopefully, you all brought a printed out version of the blog post(s) you felt most inspired by. Use it as a jumping off point and select the form you want your writing to take.

If you didn’t print one, please find a peer nearby who will kindly share the piece they felt inspired by (you still have to write your own piece though – no partner work for this activity).

Happy Writing!