Fiction: Peer-editing

Daily Prompt #23: Writing from a Word


What comes to your mind when you see this word?

Write for five minutes.

Today, you’re going to have your peers help you improve your fiction piece.


All of you will receive a peer editing form. Staple this to the front of your rough draft. If your fiction piece is on an electronic device, make sure the paper travels with it.

The sheet has a front and back side. The front side is for editor #1 and the back side is for editor #2. Have two different students read your fiction piece.

The more serious you take this, the more beneficial it will be.

When you are done, use the time remaining to read the editors’ comments, ask questions, and fine tune your rough drafts.





Creative Essays: Peer Editing

Daily Prompt #12: Hypothetical Situations

If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be, and why?

Write for five minutes.

Hi folks! Today, you’re going to help each other get your creative essays in tiptop shape. You’ll each get a peer editing sheet which you’ll attach to your rough draft.

You will be passing your essay around to TWO different people for editing. You may choose who you would like feedback from. The rubric will be posted on the board so you can keep it in mind when you’re editing each other’s work.

Remember, we meet in the lab tomorrow so you can get your final drafts posted on your blogs and “turn in” the rubric for the assignment.

Fiction writing: Peer-editing

Daily Prompt #39: Writing from a Word


What comes to your mind when you see this word?

Write for seven minutes.

First, you’re going to share your fiction with ONE peer and have them fill out a peer editing form.

Next, you’re going to get into groups based upon which aspect of your fiction you want the most help with. These are the five groups:

  • Plot
  • Character Development
  • Dialogue
  • Language (figurative and concrete language)
  • Conventions (spelling, grammar, punctuation)

In these groups, pass your papers around and focus ONLY on this aspect of the writing, taking the time to make notes directly on the paper, as well as the peer editing form.



Script writing: Peer-editing

Daily Prompt #26: Inspired by Music

As the music plays, write down whatever comes to your mind.

Today, you’re going to share your scripts with four of your peers and have them fill out a peer editing form. You may choose your peers, but be sure one of them is a resident expert in training who can give you specialized help.

Tomorrow, bring a fresh copy of your script (preferably typed) for a peer activity. You will be passing it around several times.