Blog Post #9

Hi folks!  Here are your tasks for today:

  1. Post some of your writing on your blog (you don’t need an image). It can be anything in any form.
  2. Read your peers’ blogs and post comments. (Click on ‘Student Blog’ to find links to all blogs).

Happy blogging!


Poem/Writer’s Reflection (Post #8) Due

Hi folks!

Today post #8 is due. It is a summative assessment and should include a poem and writer’s reflection. All the details are on Google Classroom. Once you post, be sure to fill out the rubric on there, then click, “Turn In.”  It’s due by midnight.

If you get done early, use the time to read your peers’ works!

“Found” around the school

DP #45: Diamonte Poem

Take ten minutes to craft a diamonte poem. We’ll share a few.

Today, we are going to be taking a walking tour of the school so you can create a “Found” poem. Take photos and jot down words and phrases and punctuation that catches your eye.

When we return, you will be writing a poem created from the words you have collected.

Tomorrow you will be turning your poem into art. Be sure to bring some art supplies to share!

Final Poetry Assignment and NaPoWriMo Awards

DP #44: Free Verse

Today, write for ten minutes about how you’re feeling right now. As you do, consider how you can craft these feelings into a free verse poem. Consider sharing with the class.

Today, I would like to honor the following seven students for completing NaPoWriMo2017: 30 poems in 30 days. What an incredible accomplishment!

2nd hour
Aislinn Bell

4th hour
Elise Payne
Morgan Talmage
Rachel Rotay

6th hour
Sarah Arnold
Jacqueline Burant
Zoe Yanik

Former Student
Emilee Watson

I also want to talk to you about your next summative assessment due this Sunday by midnight: a poem with a writer’s reflection.

Use the remainder of the hour to look through your notebook to determine which poem you’d like to work on and post this Friday. You can also create an entirely new one.

Don’t forget tomorrow is our Chalk Poetry Day! Be sure to bring an original poem you wish to turn into chalk art. If you have chalk, please bring it as well.

Crafting a Letter to a Poet

Daily Prompt #43: Color Poem

Try your hand at writing a color poem using the provided handout as a guide.

Take ten minutes.

Now that you’ve watched 11 poets read their work, it’s time to select the one you were most intrigued by.

Let’s figure out who you want to write to and get into groups based on that. From there, you can discuss the poem and start to determine what you might like to say to the poet.  Can you identify the poet’s voice?  What lines spoke to you and why?  Do you share any similarities with the poet?  What questions do you have?

As a class, let’s determine what these letters should look like, including what to avoid.

Tomorrow we’ll be in the lab so you can type your letters and email them to the poets.

Here are the specific guidelines:

Have at least two of your peers read over your letter before emailing to ensure there are no grammatical or spelling errors.

Your letter must contain your name, the name of the poet you’re writing to, and our school name and address (see this sample letter template)

The formal address to include in your letter is Academy of American Poets, 75 Maiden Lane, Suite 901, New York, NY 10038

You may choose to type your letter directly in the email or attach it as a pdf.

Send your letter to

“CC” your teacher on your email to ensure you get credit ( OR

Complete this assignment by Sunday night (April 30th). It cannot be turned in late for credit.

If there’s time today, you can feel free to play around with any of the poetic styles we learned about this week.




Dear Poet Day 3

DP #42: Haiku Book Reviews

Think about one of your favorite books and write a review for it in haiku form.

Take ten minutes. Be prepared to share. You ALL will. 🙂

Today, we’re going to watch and listen as the final three eminent American poets recite their original poetry. Be prepared to write down your reactions after hearing each one.

For the remainder of the hour, I want you to write any sort of poem you want! Review your notebook for ideas.