Scripts Due Tonight

Hi folks! Use this time to complete your scripts, post them on your blog (a link to them), and ‘turn in’ your script rubric. All due by midnight tonight!

Thank you!


Playwriting: Day Two

Daily Prompt #51: Inspired by Music

As the music plays, write down whatever comes to your mind.

Today, we’re going to do some practice writing dialogue. You’ll be writing two different scenes of dialogue.

First Scene: find a partner. With your partner, select one of the sample characters listed below (or come up with your own). Decide on a scenario where these two characters would be talking and write their conversation. Write it like a play script. Don’t worry about quotation marks and dialogue tags.

Be prepared to share. I’ll ask for a few volunteers.

Second Scene: on your own. Select two new characters listed below (or come up with your own). Just as before, decide on a scenario where these two characters would be talking and write their conversation. Write in screenplay or play script form. Use the remainder of the hour.

Sample Character List
from the National Writing Project

  • movie star and fanatic fan
  • officer and speeder
  • psychiatrist and patient
  • waiter/waitress and diner
  • man on a ledge and psychologist
  • principal and student
  • hairdresser/barber and client
  • teacher and parent
  • little sis and big sis
  • driving instructor and student driver
  • deejay and phone-in listener
  • reporter and accident witness
  • priest and confessor
  • cheerleader and nerd
  • girl and boy on blind date
  • dogcatcher and dog owner
  • player and coach
  • two late-night grocery shoppers
  • girl’s date and little brother or sister
  • flight attendant and passenger
  • man and God
  • angel and devil on character’s shoulder

Screenwriting: Day One

Daily Prompt #47: Inspired by Images

Courtesy of Pixabay

Inspired by this image, write for ten minutes. Your choice of topic and form is completely up to you. See where the art and your writing take you.

For this unit, you’re going to learn how to write both movie and play scripts. Since both are meant to be performed and seen, our daily prompts will be both image and music-related.

To start this unit, you’re going to study excerpts from three different film genres and complete the linked activity.  Once you’re done completing the activity, we’ll talk about what the elements of movie scripts are.



Scripts and Self-assessment

Hi students! Use today to wrap up your scripts.

5th hour, you’ll be presenting Thursday.
6th hour, you’ll be presenting Friday (last day of school!)

Also use this time to complete your self-assessment for the last six weeks.

Remember, you need to be logged into your school email for this to work.

Oh, and be sure to fill out the assessment for the correct hour.  🙂