The Writing Process

Welcome back! On scrap paper, jot down what comes to your mind when you hear the phrase, “Writing Process.” Your free write might include what the stages are, your attitudes about certain stages, etc…

Take five minutes. Be prepared to share.


Now take a look at this writing process handout and complete the following:

1) Label the stage(s) that you enjoy the most.

2) Label the stage(s) that you least enjoy.

3) Label which stage takes the longest for you.

4) Label which stage you spend the least amount of time in.


Let’s define the three types of strategies you use when you are in each stage of the process. I will share a couple of my own strategies.




Take eight minutes and fill in the chart with strategies you use. You’ll be sharing at your tables next, then the whole class.




Now it’s time to share and sign our class pledge.