“The Unknown” by bcreative

I have always loved writing, When I was younger I got my first laptop and couldn’t stay off it. I loved writing random stories that played in my head and writing every thought that I could potentially turn into a story. I have always loved reading which had given me the inspiration to create my own work. Through elementary I had always been a fast and excellent reader which I think pushed me and gave me the motivation to continue on. My teachers in the past had always loved my writing and even used some of my pieces as examples which really made me strive to improve.

The piece I chose is called “The Unknown” because at the point in time the event took place I didn’t know what to call it or even how to process the whole experience. I wrote this in the style of a creative essay. The event took place 2 years ago and it still affects my life today. I wrote about it because to write a good piece of work you need to be close with your topic and so I chose a very important topic to me. I chose this topic because I want my readers to have an understanding and an insight into my life. I want my readers to feel close to my writing and maybe even relate.


“The Unknown”

The lights were bright; they shine down on me to make sure I knew I was the center of attention. It was silent in the room; my mom was on her phone. I on the other hand sat there staring at my swaying feet as I played with my hands out of nervous habit. I sat there on the white sheet that was laid on the bed. I had forgot where I had been for only a moment until the door clicked open and entering was the doctor.

I had never feared the doctors until today. The doctor’s office itself did not frighten me but the unknown did. My results had come back and the next sentence made me freeze. Type 1 Diabetes the doctor had told me, the words basically fell out of her mouth. Emotions started to flood through me; sadness, uncertainty, unknown and anger. My mom held my hand, trying to comfort me, thinking it would make me feel better and I guess, for a moment, it did. I felt safe and not alone but as soon as reality returned I was right back to the emotional mess I had begun at. “I was going to be okay, everything was going to be okay.” I thought to myself.

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7 thoughts on ““The Unknown” by bcreative

  1. I really like this story you have wrote because it truly shows that the unknown can be okay. Eventually the unknown sounds terrible but in the end its all okay. This story has taught me it will be alright. Thank You.!

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