“The Wonderful World of Books” by Peyton’s Creative Crafty Marvel-Filled Blog

I started writing for fun when I was in 7th grade, before that I never liked doing essays or writing at all until I found that writing doesn’t have to be for only academic reasons. I still don’t like to write essays but now I love to write historical fiction, and realistic fiction. I love to get all my thoughts out on paper and see what I can create. Through this semester I found new ways to write too. I have never really liked poetry but during the poetry unit I found some types of poems I like to write. I learned too that a creative essay can be anything you want it to be. I found the writing a screenplay was hard but now I have a new skill of knowing how to create one. I liked the daily prompts because it got me thinking on some things.

I chose my creative essay the wonderful world of books because I really enjoy reading. This writing piece because it really came from my heart. I feel like today in our society students aren’t reading anymore it’s all about their devices. Reading is so important to me. 


“The Wonderful World of Books”

Abibliophobia:  The fear of running out of reading material

Once upon a time, there were books. Not stories you read off of technology, but hard, old, smelly books. They take you off to amazing adventure, just by holding the book and reading the first sentence. Sitting in your comfiest spot not worrying about losing your battery from your device. Reading for hours not being disrupted because what is happening in reality. Being in your own world of princesses, princes, and being on the edge of your seat waiting for the next part to take place. Books bring adults back to their childhood by remembering having enough money to buy the latest book at the bookstore. Having a friend for a long car ride, where you don’t need WiFi. Books are important all in their smelly glory. The rough worn out book pages make you wonder how many people picked it up before you and fell in love with it too. Wandering around a library for hours looking for the perfect book. Sadly the new age of-of technology leaves your books behind. It’s just isn’t the same reading off of a Kindle, phone, or tablet. Books over the years start to slowly pick up thin layers of dust, on your bookshelf waiting to be read one more time. Books turn ordinary kids into writers making their own versions of the story. Making the story last forever.

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9 thoughts on ““The Wonderful World of Books” by Peyton’s Creative Crafty Marvel-Filled Blog

  1. Reminds me of the times where cell phones weren’t a big impact as they are now. I love how you implied you don’t need wifi or phones to entertain you.

  2. I agree that technology has over taken the use of books. i loved this piece because it is very relatable and your words flow very well.

  3. You focused more on the negatives of technology rather than the positives of books that are still around. I feel like the electronic book phase has died down more so over the years. With technology it’s easier to find undiscovered writers, instead of just popular stuff.

  4. I really enjoyed this piece because I can’t read books off of technology.My parents have tried to buy me kindles and I simply can’t do that because I need to feel the pages in between my fingers, I need to smell the printed paper.

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