“This is my Nightmare” by Heidon Like a Boss

I chose to share a new poem that I wrote which is called “This Is My Nightmare” because I wanted it to be like my other poem called “Can’t Forget The Memories.” I wanted to put deep emotions into my poems because this has something to do with the past that still is affecting me now. It has hard to get your emotions out sometimes so I tried to think of something from the past that I have a lot of emotion too. I decided to write this piece since it means a lot to me and I would rather write a new poem. It is about being in a relationship that ended badly so I decided to write about it.


                                                This Is My Nightmare

           Waking up to see you over and over

is my nightmare

We weren’t met for each other

But not every match is a good one

This is my nightmare

As I see your face once again

Staring at me as I walk on by

All I can do is run

To hope I can escape

This is my nightmare

I’ll slit my throat

If I have to see you

every single day of the year

You’re the reason for my nightmare

That I cannot escape

All because of you


17 thoughts on ““This is my Nightmare” by Heidon Like a Boss

  1. I like how this poem almost seems exaggerated. How all the emotions in this poem are very intense it makes you feel the emotions the character in the poem is experiencing.

  2. Normally people talk about killing themselves if they can’t be with the one they love. You did the opposite, which was pretty neat.

  3. Very relatable. I really liked this poem because it shows how much you do not want to see their face.

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