“Treachery” by Take to the Sky

Ever since I was young, I have always had a stream of ideas and images that could be made into poems or stories. However, due to the fact that I am a perfectionist, these ideas never got written down or expanded upon because I was too scared to “ruin it.” I had gotten close to writing my ideas into a story/stories numerous times, but then I always got scared or stressed about it and quit before starting. However, with the help and prompting of this class, as well as positive feedback from my blog, I have been able to write without (too much) fear of imperfection. This creative writing class has really helped me get my ideas down on paper, motivated me to write more often, and helped me develop my (non-essay) writing skills.

I chose to share “Treachery” because I feel that, despite the fact that it is short, it is one of the best pieces that I’ve written. While it is meant to be the start of a longer fiction story, I think that it could be taken in many different directions and interpreted in numerous ways. Because nothing is specified, the reader can imagine the narrator as they wish and come up with any assortment of plotlines based on what is already written.

Trust is something easily shattered but regained with difficulty. It is a fragile creature, and I just murdered it. I’m confident that no one from my Kind will talk to me again. Why would they? I certainly don’t deserve their companionship. After all, condemning your entire people to slavery is a heinous betrayal and should be treated as such. It won’t be, though. Because I am a Noble who lives among his supposed enemies, I will not be treated with the severity or contempt that I deserve. I might even be praised for my treachery. My people know, though. They are acutely aware of my transgressions and they will never forgive me for committing them.

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